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Niyati Home Stay in Cochin


Niyati visionary Francis Joseph has a unique eye for juxtaposition. His connection to India as well as his taste for international culture and design has merged to create a space where elements are skillfully placed in such a way that results in the most amazing contrasts. CLICK HERE to roam our halls virtually and BOOK […]

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Portugese Influenced Roofing

Niyati’s property proudly uses Portugese influenced interlocking clay tiles to create a stunning view from inside and above . Our luxury suites house high reaching vaulted ceilings & our rooftop terrace gives our guests the opportunity to relax amongst the rooftops of Fort Kochi while perching from our chic relaxing spaces.

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Wood Flooring

Teak wood flooring is a beautiful accent to the Niyati property. Hand laid and prepared by Cochin’s finest woodworkers provides a wonderful touch to the luxury living experience you will find at Niyati Boutique Stay. CLICK HERE to see our luxury spaces as well as our rooftop and garden view alcoves. To feel the space […]

Home stay Heritage

Comforts of Home

Niyati - Boutique Home Stay

“Destiny” Brings You Here

Niyati is the Sanskrit translation of the word “Destiny”. Here at Niyati, we believe that destiny, whether perceived through luck or chance, calls to us, beckoning for us to move from place to place. The Niyati Boutique Home Stay is the epicenter of this philosophy. Founder Francis Joseph has fused brilliant architectual design, texturing, wood […]

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Open Air Center Space

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Niyati Boutique Stay has been built with an eye for element fusion. Throughout the space, Francis Joseph has blended classic South Indian building materials with an intent to bind. Whether it is his cement and glaze mixed wallings or his juxtaposition of whethered stone & moss with hand sanded teak woods….each wall of Niyati shines […]

Art Filled Living Spaces

Niyati Boutique Stay has made the conscience decision to include art work in as many spaces as possible. Francis Joseph has paired with Chicago artist William Jerard to showcase his most recent collection “Happenstance” in Niyati’s multi-faceted living space. Eighteen peices of expression including canvas work, mixed media, photography and poetry rest respectfully in each […]